Gymnastics T-Shirt for YOUR Athlete’s Biggest Fan

Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Shirt Design FRONT


It’s a word, a movie, and a restaurant (among other things).

Sassy and sweet, I tasted my first frozen hot chocolate at the Serendipity 3 restaurant in 2001. I went back to New York for seconds in 2002 with my (now) husband only days after we started dating. Perhaps I’ll indulge in thirds someday with my kids.

The movie? Meh.

But the word? Fabulous in reality and incredibly fun to say.

Even more fun than spitting out serendipity is stumbling over serendipitous.

Try it – I dare you. Ssss-ehr-rrrren-DIP-iiih-tussssss….

No? Just me?

Well, then, I’ll just use it in a sentence:

In a serendipitous turn of events, Michelle discovered she was sitting at the party with a graphic designer and a t-shirt printer who could make her gymnastics-fan-gear dreams a reality.

Talia’s Biggest Fan

Michelle wanted to support her daughter at gymnastics meets by wearing a custom shirt. Her sweet daughter, Talia, spends hours during the week training at the gym and competes with her team on weekends.

What better way to show your support than a custom fan t-shirt?

When Michelle found out I was a graphic designer, she immediately showed me the idea she had for her ideal fan t-shirt. She had come up with her idea a while ago, but since she’s not a designer, she didn’t know how to take the concept and turn it into reality.

When I piped up and admitted that I had just designed a shirt for a friend in Florida, Michelle couldn’t believe it.

Then, another mutual friend at our table (Stacie) mentioned she had connections as a t-shirt printer. Because it was a party and I was in a giving mood, I offered her a smokin’ deal on the work – and bam!


The Back – Gymnasts Are….

The image Michelle showed me at the party listed a dozen-ish words to describe gymnasts. It was the words she loved, not necessarily the design. And, she wanted this word picture to be on the back of the shirt.

Michelle also shared with me that the team’s colors are black and orange. Instead of a bland white shirt, I thought black would look better as the background with orange and white accents. That way, the shirt would really pop and Michelle would enjoy wearing it to each meet of the season.

I took Michelle’s idea and created an athletic look for the GYMNAST text, balanced a simple gymnast form on top, and arranged the adjectives all around.


Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Shirt Design BACK

The Front – Proud Mom

For the front of the shirt, Michelle shared a few loose ideas. Most involved rhinestones which wasn’t going to happen (this graphic designer does not bedazzle – but hey, I also don’t judge if you do).

Instead, I decided a cohesive look for the front and the back would be the most attractive option.

I mirrored the GYMNAST text from the back in the MOM on the front, changing a few details to give it a slight variation. I added a different gymnast form in front of MOM to make the design more dynamic. 

Michelle really wanted Talia’s name on the front of the shirt, so after I added that and bit more text, I was done!


Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Shirt Design FRONT

Don’t Forget About Dad!

I try to give my clients a little something extra when time allows. I know Michelle’s husband also loves to cheer Talia on at gymnastics meet, so I didn’t want to leave him out.

Since the design and colors weren’t too girly, I created a DAD version of the MOM shirt and sent it over to Michelle to proof.


Zirkus Design | Proud Gymnastics MOM Biggest Fan T-Shirt Design DAD


Spoiler alert – she loved it!

Using my friend Stacie’s connections, we found a great printer who was able to rush the job. She printed the shirts in time for Talia’s Mom and Dad to wear them to her next gymnastics meet.

Go, Talia!

Do you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, etc., that you love to cheer on at sports events? If you’d like a design similar to Michelle’s Proud Gymnastics Mom t-shirt, please contact me for pricing. I would love to help you support your favorite athlete!

Also, I would love to know if you’ve ever been to Serendipity 3 in New York, especially in recent years. Is it still as amazing as I remember it?!






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