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Zirkus Design | Emma Woodhouse Pattern Collection Children's Clothing T Shirt Mockups

Arizona’s late summer mugginess presses on. The monsoon rains have come and gone, and we’re left with hot + dry to reign until fall knocks those two off the throne. Oh autumn, please come soon!

In these sweltering few weeks since my boys started school, I (finally!) finished a collection I started last spring. I first wrote about Emma Woodhouse earlier this month. Since then, I’ve created the secondary and blender prints to coordinate, whipped together adorable mockups, and saved out a bunch of coordinating spot graphics. Whew! It’s amazing how much one mama can get done when her boys are otherwise occupied (and out of the house – school isĀ wonderful).

Zirkus Design | Emma Woodhouse Surface Pattern Design Collection Preview Sheet

I have a feeling I’ll be writing this about every collection, but Emma Woodhouse was incredibly fun to create. I had things like recipe cards and teapots in mind when creating the repeats. However, I realized something, especially in the mockup process (more about that in a minute). It seems like you never really know your pattern until you apply it to a real product. Then, it either fits or it doesn’t.

It wasn’t until I put pattern to product that I realized Emma is more about stationery, wedding invitations, comfy textiles, and playful children’s clothes. Of course, in hindsight all of these products really work with the theme of Jane Austen’s Emma. Maybe that was obvious to you, but I had a bit of a duh moment – ha!

Zirkus Design | Emma Woodhouse Pattern Collection Children's Clothing Tank Top Mockup

Though these prints strike me as most suitable for little girls, I would totally wear these shirts myself if the cut were flattering. I don’t know about you, but I find myself asking, why don’t they make this in my size?! when walking through the little girls section of Target. I am small enough to sometimes fit in a girls XL or XXL, but the fit is never right. Maybe someone could start a company licensing existing little girls designs and adapting them to fit the young at heart…?

For more surface pattern design collections, hop on over to my Surface Pattern Design page or click here to see Emma Woodhouse decorating a wedding invitation, stationery, and bedding.

If you were hoping for more about mockups, hang in there. That’s the topic of my next post :).

Which Emma Woodhouse pattern is your favorite? What other products could you see Emma gussying up?

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