Adventures in Watercolor: Elegant Mother’s Day Card Designs

Zirkus Design | Hand Painted Elegant Watercolor Mother's Day Greeting Card (stationery mockup)

Is there a skill you admire and want to explore… but the thought of trying completely overwhelms you? For me, that big, scary, hide-under-the-covers-because-it’s-too-hard thing is painting. I see fellow artists, friends, and colleagues smearing oil on canvas, and I am totally amazed. I would love to try it, but the learning curve feels too steep. Before I can even …

Spooky: Try These 31 Hand Lettering Styles

Zirkus Design | Spooky! 31 Different Halloween Hand Lettering Styles to Try

Boo! I actually hate being scared, so I’m glad all the gory Halloween decorations are coming down today. I can’t watch scary movies, and I even time my popcorn refills for intense the-bad-guy-is-about-to-get-the-girl scenes.. just.can’t.do.it. So while I can’t get into the blood-guts-gore look, I do love the cutesy skulls and friendly pumpkin decorations. Because Halloween is such a versatile …

Expect Progress, Not Perfection

Zirkus Design | Expect Progress Not Perfection | Hand Lettering + Watercolor

  We’re all on a journey. Intentionally or passively, forward or backward, for better or worse, we are all moving. If we don’t choose the destination or strive toward a specific goal, we will still end up somewhere, though that somewhere may be less than desirable with a lack of direction or focus. My Creative Journey I began my journey …