Warmest Wishes Holiday Farmhouse Collection + FREE Printable Gift Tags

Ho, ho, ho – how is it December 7 already?! When I was a kid, I never believed “old” people when they said time speeds up as you age. Christmas always took for-EVER to get here when I was in the single digits. Now that I’ve got three kids, one in the double digits (!), I get it. I totally …


All Aboard to Explore Our Marvelous World – A Victorian Travel Print

Zirkus Design | All Aboard to Explore Our Marvelous World - Society6 Credenza

Have you ever wanted to hop in a hot air balloon and chase the sunset? Climb aboard a penny farthing and take it for a spin? Sail the high seas on an old-fashioned journey across the pond? Okay, not the last one. You definitely do not want to travel back in time crawl across the Atlantic, dodging icebergs, lice, and …


Sing for Your Supper – A Modern Farmhouse Print

Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: A Modern Farmhouse Pattern Design - Clock Mockup

I recently read the book The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice by Todd Henry. I scribbled a bunch of take-aways from the book, but ONE line in particular grabbed my scattered attention: Successful, consistently brilliant people do the little (too obvious, too simple, too commonsensical) things that no one else is doing. Seriously?! So many …

Funky Vintage Floral Pattern Collection + Spoonflower Sale!

Zirkus Design | Funky Vintage Floral Collection: A Groovy Retro Feel in Salmon, Apricot, Navy, and Olive (Tote Mockup)

If you’re like me, you dabble in creative pursuits… but only as far as your budget allows. You enjoy making pretty things… but you don’t have unlimited resources Honestly… I don’t either. For all my fellow budget buddies, I’m going to do my best to let you know when I see sales + deals on things you might like. NEW …


Spoonflower Shop NOW OPEN (!) + NEW Navy Vintage Floral Pattern

Zirkus Design | New Navy Vintage Floral Pattern - Design Process: Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

Happy New Year, my friends! I took a few weeks off of blogging to be present with my family for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean I sat around eating Christmas cookies + twiddling my thumbs. (Okay, maybe the first one, but not the second!) Instead, I worked on an exciting new project that I can’t wait to share with …

New Pattern Collection: Cocinitas – Retro Kitchen Repeats

Zirkus Design | Cocinitas Retro Kitchen Surface Pattern Design Collection Kitchenware Mockups

Raise your hand if you grew up with kitchen appliances sporting colors such as almond, avocado, and mustard. You either loved that palette or gagged every time you reached for a Tab or Hi-C. Though I shudder to think how my refrigerator or dishwasher today would look in any of those retro shades, the nostalgia of mustard and faux wood …