Thankful for YOU! – New Collection + Printable Thanksgiving Card Freebie

Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: Autumn Edition // Surface Pattern Design Collection Home Decor Mockup

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

I’m just popping in today to share two quick things with you – a new collection and a FREE printable Thanksgiving card.


I know I have been rather quiet on the blog, and I haven’t had the chance to share any of my latest collections with you either. This is such a bummer, because I have SO much I want to show you. However, I’m a one-woman circus (Zirkus!), and I have a BIG goal I’m trying to meet by the end of the year (more on that in a minute). This means that most all of my available work hours are devoted to that project which doesn’t leave much time leftover for sharing in this space.



Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: Autumn Edition // Surface Pattern Design Collection - FREE Thankful For You Card


BUT, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all of you. I’m incredibly grateful for how you’ve supported me through reading my posts, following me on Instagram, voting for my designs on Spoonflower, and encouraging me through kind feedback.

Seriously, wow.

This year has been quite an adventure in so many ways, and I find myself, nearly at the end of it, full of thankfulness.

To show my gratitude, I’ve got a printable Thanksgiving card freebie for you at the end of this post. It features my new fall collection, so let’s take a quick peek at that first.

Sing for Your Supper: AUTUMN Edition

By far, my most popular pattern continues to be Sing for Your Supper: Modern Farmhouse. Earlier this fall, I created a collection based on that design. I haven’t blogged about the new supporting patterns yet (so sorry!!), but you can see the full collection at Spoonflower here.

I also sell these designs on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock if you’re looking to use the prints for paper-based projects and crafts.


Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: A Modern Farmhouse Pattern Design - Tote Bag Mockup

Sing for Your Supper evokes a welcoming vibe, inviting others to gather ’round the table, share a meal, and enjoy life together in a cozy farmhouse kitchen setting. Because this gathering + sharing is really the essence of Thanksgiving, I wanted to create an autumn version both because it fits the theme and offers the chance to create similar patterns but in a fresh new palette.

And, speaking of color palettes, this Thanksgiving – Autumn edition comes in two – a bold and a pastel!

When I made the first print (the one with PIE in big letters), I went with delicate, soft tones. I loved the look of those colors, but I also know that in my own home I prefer bright, saturated hues. I couldn’t choose which one I liked best or guess which one you would like best – and thank goodness, I don’t have to! – so I made two versions.

Soft Pastels Collection

As I mentioned, the first pattern I made for this collection is one with the big PIE written on it. I know any dessert can have a story and be made from an heirloom recipe, but pie just feels more homey and traditional.

Pie brings people together and has tradition etched in its crust. Though I don’t have any recipes passed down from my own family members, I do have a few recipes that I hope to pass on to my sons. I discovered this apple pie recipe the year my middle son was born, and this recipe is one I made for the first time in Germany and every year since.

(In fact, I’m making both tonight!)


Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: Autumn Edition // Surface Pattern Design Collection - Soft Pastels

Even if pie isn’t your thing, baking is another beloved fall tradition. I designed a fall baking scatter for those who prefer their prints without words, and a buttermilk biscuits recipe print. I added a gingham in refreshing orange for a bit of a vintage magic.

No autumn experience is complete without giving a nod to the changing trees and their colorful falling leaves. I added a few leaf shapes to my shiplap background in both a scatter and a stripe.

Acorns also fall from trees in autumn to be collected by little woodland critters and stored for the winter. I love the shape of acorns, so you’ll find them in several of my collection prints.

Saturated Brights Collection

Many of the pattern designs you see below are similar to the pastel version just with brighter, more saturated colors. However, you’ll noticed that they’re not all the same. I actually have MORE designs than are even pictured here. In fact, every pattern in this collection comes in three colors!


Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: Autumn Edition // Surface Pattern Design Collection - Saturated Brights

You might be wondering why I’m making three color versions instead of just making more unique patterns. Well, remember that BIG project I mentioned earlier? When I started selling on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock earlier this year, I noticed that Adobe Stock was giving contributors a full year of Adobe CC for FREE once 300 the contributor has 300 approved assets. That’s a savings of ~$60 a month, and HUGE for a small business owner like me.

This goal of 300 designs felt both achievable AND overwhelming at the same time. I felt confident that I had enough time to do it if I disciplined myself and managed my time wisely, but it also felt like a big number. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m only up to 70 in my #100 patterns project… but I reached 200 designs on Adobe Stock this week!!


Multiple colors, of course!

Each pattern can be submitted in up to 3 colorways. So, it makes the most sense to multiply my time and create two additional, alternate color versions for every pattern I design.

One main difference you’ll notice in the Saturated Brights version is the inclusion of designs that feature only orange + white. Fall brings a lot of DIY crafts, and I kept thinking of the popular leaf printing projects.

If you’ve never done one of those before, it’s easy! Just take a walk, collect some autumn leaves, paint them, and then press them onto paper for a lovely stamped effect. I thought white paint on orange paper would look so simple and yet so stunning.

Oh, and by the way, if you like the silverware print, it’s also available in the original collection in green and gray versions here. It’s one of my personal favorites!


Printable Thanksgiving Card Freebie for YOU!

To celebrate the release of this collection and to thank you for following along on my design journey, I’m offering a Thankful for YOU card – FREE!


Zirkus Design | Sing for Your Supper: Autumn Edition // Surface Pattern Design Collection - FREE Thankful For You Card



Each printable PDF contains two cards. Simply print on white card stock, and cut down the middle. For an even fancier version, round the corners.

I hope you’ll use these cards to express your gratitude to those in your life whom you appreciate. Send a card to let someone know they are loved and special to you, even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Please note: These cards are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do NOT sell or distribute the electronic file in any way. If you’d like to share the printable with a friend, please link back to this post. Directing friends to this page to download directly from me allows me to keep the printables free. Thank you in advance for your honesty and integrity.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I wish all my American friends here – and around the world – a VERY happy Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a relaxing weekend and a calm start to Advent and the holiday season.

By the way, if you could use a hand slowing down during the Advent season, my friend Dani is offering a FREE advent email challenge here. After you download these thankful cards, head on over to Life Lived Intentionally and check out her freebie!

If you have a quick second, I would love to know which collection you like better – pastel or bold. Which one fits your personal style best? Which one fits your home decor? Thank you so much for your comments and feedback!


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