Two NEW Printable Freebies For YOU! (Hello, Beautiful & Cocinitas Mandala)

Zirkus Design | Free Printable Hello Beautiful Card to Color and Mail

I personally LOVE free stuff – samples, printables, cheat sheets, checking account bonuses, frequent flier miles. Finding a deal or scoring a freebie can boost a girl’s mood better than coffee. Okay, no, not coffee. Coffee is amazing. And necessary. But, coffee or no coffee, you have to admit the something for nothing rates rather high on the awesome sauce scale.

Today, I have not one but TWO freebies for you – yay!!

Where Do YOU Create?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to color. In fact, any way I can be creative and not sit at my computer desk is a win for me.

When I paint, color, draw, or letter, I prefer to stand – in my kitchen. The counter is the right height for a short stack like me, and my fear of appliances gobbling up counter space means I (usually) have room to spread out. I also eat standing up over the sink like a lazy teenager when my kids are at school, but that is entirely beside the point. And it’s a secret. So don’t tell.

Couldn’t I just get a standing desk? Well, yes – and no. My studio office is in a room we added on to our home. It houses our boys’ desks, a small library with a comfy chair, my desk, and a standing desk/printer cabinet sized for my husband… who is a whole foot taller than me. We built almost all of the furniture in the room including my desk. It fits the space perfectly. It’s beautiful. It’s exactly what I wanted. But, in order to use it, I have to sit on my butt all day. No standing desk for me.


Zirkus Design | Home Office Handmade Desk + Upcycled File Cabinet

Here’s my desk right after we moved into the new studio space. We built the printer cabinet to the left with the drop-down standing desk top. The file cabinet I bought from Goodwill and desecrated it in the best possible way.

Freebie #1 – Hello, Beautiful Printable Coloring Card

If you read my Emma Woodhouse collection post, you saw this fun “Hello, Beautiful” stationery mockup I made. Giving and sending cards is such a warm and personal gesture, especially in our digital age. Print it out on white cardstock for a sturdier finished product.

I left the inside blank so you could make this into a birthday, congratulations, happy baby, happy wedding, thank you, just thinking of you, or even an I’m-sorry-I-totally-screwed-up card. Hey, it’s yours to do with as you please. Well, except you can’t sell it. It’s for personal use only.


Zirkus Design | Free Printable Hello Beautiful Card to Color

Zirkus Design | FREE Printable Hello Beautiful Card to Color and Mail

Freebie #2 – Cocinitas Coloring Page

If you believe the coloring-relieves-stress hype (I do – but venting over coffee is also very effective), then calm your nerves while filling in colanders, corkscrews, and teacups in this mandala based on my Cocinitas pattern collection. I used a vintage color palette in my design, but you do you. Metallics would be a fun idea. See Veronica Winterstips for using metallic colored pencils on Craftsy.

Zirkus Design | FREE Cocinitas Mandala Printable Coloring Page

Zirkus Design | FREE Cocinitas Mandala Coloring Page

So, who will you bring joy to with these freebies? I’d love to see your completed projects or hear how you plan to use them. And if you have a solution for the sit-on-your-behind-all-day-but-still-work-on-the-computer, I would love to hear your tips!







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