Warmest Wishes Holiday Farmhouse Collection + FREE Printable Gift Tags

Ho, ho, ho – how is it December 7 already?!

When I was a kid, I never believed “old” people when they said time speeds up as you age. Christmas always took for-EVER to get here when I was in the single digits. Now that I’ve got three kids, one in the double digits (!), I get it.

I totally get it.

I’m pretty sure it was Halloween last week.

Tomorrow will be Easter.

Well, young or old, like it or not, Christmas is a comin’. And so is my next freebie!


Zirkus Design | Warmest Wishes Farmhouse Christmas FREE Printable Gift Tags

German Christmas Farmhouse Design

I feel like all I do is talk about my Farmhouse designs, but MAN are they popular. If you need a recap, find my Sing for Your Supper Modern Farmhouse collection here and my Autumn Farmhouse Thanksgiving Edition here.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just make more of it!

That’s kind of been my motto when trying to figure out trends and what customers are buying. To that end, I created a Holiday Farmhouse Collection.

This collection started with a Spoonflower Holidays Around the World challenge. I made the design you see below based on some German traditions that our family combines with some beloved American traditions.


To be honest with you, I didn’t share it with my friends for days because I was so embarrassed. When I looked at it the day after I made it, I didn’t like it. AT ALL.

So, you can imagine my shock when it began to gain traction in the Spoonflower design challenge. I ended up swallowing my ridiculousness and showing it to my friends and asking for their support. Fingers crossed, I hoped to make the top 50.

I placed 9th!!!

What’s even more fun is that this German Christmas Farmhouse design became my first gift wrap sale.



Zirkus Design | German Christmas Traditions Farmhouse Pattern Design - Available at Spoonflower! Mockup

Did you know that Spoonflower sells gift wrap? If you want to see a particular design in wrapping paper, make sure to select the Gift Wrap radio button next to the Wallpaper and Fabric options.


Warmest Wishes Holiday Farmhouse Collection

To become more attractive to potential licensing clients, I’ve been striving to create as many collections as possible. The more collections I make, the better I’ll get at making prints that really shine together.

I’ve also been working on honing my style, and one thing I notice is the abundance of turquoise.

Turquoise makes my heart happy, and I want to see it everywhere I look. This deep blue-green doesn’t need to be in everything I make, but it doesn’t hurt to have a turquoise colorway option for every collection.


In this Warmest Wishes collection, I decided to do both a traditional red and green palette as well as a nontraditional blue (and turquoise!) palette. Here’s the turquoise.


Zirkus Design | Warmest Wishes Farmhouse Christmas Pattern Design Collection - Turquoise

Since it doesn’t say Christmas in most of the prints, my Jewish friends could use the patterns for Hanukkah and my nonreligious friends can use it for their winter holiday celebrations. I personally celebrate Christmas and enjoy making Christmas designs; it just so happens that this collection came out rather holiday neutral. Is that a thing?!

If I had to pick a favorite in this collection (so hard!!), I would probably choose the tiny folksy floral (right-hand column, middle print) or the ornament ogee (right-hand column, top print). Both of these little darlings stole my heart after they emerged from my drawing pen.

They both work well for a wide assortment of home decor textiles, but I would really like to see them on a line of Christmas stockings, tree skirts, tea towels, throw pillows, etc.

Dream big, right?!


Warmest Wishes – Forest Green Edition

In my previous post, I mentioned I’m making three versions of nearly every pattern I make. I put together a forest green version of the Warmest Wishes collection, but please know that there are EVEN MORE options available in my Spoonflower, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock shops.


Zirkus Design | Warmest Wishes Farmhouse Christmas Pattern Design Collection - Forest

This forest version works well for my traditional decor friends as well as my own home where we have mostly red and green Christmas decorations. But, just to change things up, I threw a few pink elements in this version.

I even made the ice skates + mittens ALL pink. But, pink-haters have no fear – this ice skating fabric also comes in grayscale!


FREE Printable Gift Tags – Warmest Wishes Collection

If this collection is right up your alley, but you don’t have a need for fabric or wallpaper or gift wrap.. or tea towels, or throw pillows, or table runners, or tablecloths… or anything else like that right now, then I want you to know that I still appreciate your time in following and supporting my design journey.

As a thank you and a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays gift, I would like to give you these lovely + useful printable gift tags for your personal use this holiday season.

Download the gift tags here, and make sure to print DOUBLE-SIDED (flip on long edge) on white cardstock.

This file contains letter-size gift tags. I didn’t make an A4 version, but please email me if you would like one! ZirkusDesign at gmail dot com


Zirkus Design | Warmest Wishes Farmhouse Christmas FREE Printable Gift Tags - Front Preview

Zirkus Design | Warmest Wishes Farmhouse Christmas FREE Printable Gift Tags - Back Preview

If you use my Warmest Wishes tags, would you mind snapping a quick photo and tagging me on Instagram (@zirkus_design) or sending me an email with the photo?

I would love to see these tags on YOUR gifts!

Please note: These gift tags are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do NOT sell or distribute the electronic file in any way. If you’d like to share the printable with a friend, please link back to this post. Directing friends to this page to download directly from me allows me to keep the printables free. Thank you in advance for your honesty and integrity!


Warmest Wishes to YOU!

I wish you all a warm and joyful holiday filled with peace and happy memory making.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to this Advent season, I’m sharing our family’s advent activities every day on Instagram. I create a watercolor or gouache illustration, and then I share a photo of how we’re doing that activity in my Instagram Story.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Zirkus Design | Advent Illustrations - Christmas Village - Watercolor, Gouache, Digital Painting, Lettering

Check it out!

So, tell me, which color version of Warmest Wishes did you like better – turquoise or forest? Which one works better for your own home + personal style?

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