Adventures in Watercolor: Elegant Mother’s Day Card Designs

Zirkus Design | Hand Painted Elegant Watercolor Mother's Day Greeting Card (stationery mockup)

Is there a skill you admire and want to explore… but the thought of trying completely overwhelms you? For me, that big, scary, hide-under-the-covers-because-it’s-too-hard thing is painting. I see fellow artists, friends, and colleagues smearing oil on canvas, and I am totally amazed. I would love to try it, but the learning curve feels too steep. Before I can even …

Funky Vintage Floral Pattern Collection + Spoonflower Sale!

Zirkus Design | Funky Vintage Floral Collection: A Groovy Retro Feel in Salmon, Apricot, Navy, and Olive (Tote Mockup)

If you’re like me, you dabble in creative pursuits… but only as far as your budget allows. You enjoy making pretty things… but you don’t have unlimited resources Honestly… I don’t either. For all my fellow budget buddies, I’m going to do my best to let you know when I see sales + deals on things you might like. NEW …


Spoonflower Shop NOW OPEN (!) + NEW Navy Vintage Floral Pattern

Zirkus Design | New Navy Vintage Floral Pattern - Design Process: Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

Happy New Year, my friends! I took a few weeks off of blogging to be present with my family for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean I sat around eating Christmas cookies + twiddling my thumbs. (Okay, maybe the first one, but not the second!) Instead, I worked on an exciting new project that I can’t wait to share with …

New Pattern Collection: Emma Woodhouse

Zirkus Design | Emma Woodhouse Pattern Collection Children's Clothing T Shirt Mockups

Arizona’s late summer mugginess presses on. The monsoon rains have come and gone, and we’re left with hot + dry to reign until fall knocks those two off the throne. Oh autumn, please come soon! In these sweltering few weeks since my boys started school, I (finally!) finished a collection I started last spring. I first wrote about Emma Woodhouse …

New Pattern Design: Emma Woodhouse

Zirkus Design | Emma Woodhouse Pattern Collection Hero Print 1 | Surface Pattern Design

Just after the new year, I signed up for Skillshare, a place to learn and hone creative techniques. Though I’ve been making and creating for nearly all my life, I felt my confidence had clouded. I was rusty. I had been wiping bottoms, noses, and the kitchen floor for the better part of 9 years. Some classes bored me, but …