Zirkus Design WritingThough I focus more on creating gorgeous art on Zirkus Design, I am still a writer (and a reader!) at heart. Wonderful writers cannot opt out of being voracious readers, because reading great books begets imaginative writing.

The written word began its siren song at age three, but I first became addicted to adding my own words to white paper while crafting a satire piece in high school. The more absurd, the more fun! Unfortunately, my literature and composition teachers couldn’t be persuaded to allow all my assignments to dabble in satire, so I did what any curious creative (should). I broadened my horizons. I signed up for creative writing classes and eventually became a paper-churning art history major as well as the chief editor of my husband’s doctoral thesis. We’re still married if you can believe it.

Over the years, I’ve written academic papers including a thesis, blog posts, advertising copy, letters from executives, fiction, and poetry. I don’t dabble in the last four anymore, but the first two still bring me joy.

No matter what kind of piece I’m writing, I believe great writing starts with two things: creative brainstorming and solid research.

In the arena of academic writing, I believe these two components to be absolutely essential. During my university days, my art history bachelor’s degree program required a thesis in order to graduate. I had written scores of academic papers before that, but nothing that long and involved. Allowing my ideas to explode on paper during a brainstorming session led me to my topic (Sculpting Native America: Women in a Market-Driven Medium). Since the subject of my thesis fell on the side of the obscure, I mined information from nearly sixty magazines, books, and websites. To round out my research and add a personal touch, I interviewed five artists in person, over the phone, and via email. Samples of this piece are available upon request.

In 2010, I started a blog called Thrifty Travel Mama to write about my experience living as an expat in Germany. During my four years there, my blog focused on compiling my tips on exploring the world on the cheap with small kids in tow. I wrote not only as a creative outlet but also because I feel the internet is severely lacking in international, budget family travel tips.

On Thrifty Travel Mama, I detailed my personal travels, and then I gave readers insider info on how they could recreate similar adventures. I covered castles, major cities, rural hikes, airline reviews, how to buy German train tickets, and so much more! When I wasn’t distilling adventure into advice, I composed bite-sized pieces on other topics such as culture shock, expat living, language learning, and how to create home comforts from scratch.

Interested in chatting about what I can write for you? Find my contact info here, and let’s get the conversation going!